Right or Left Brained?

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One article I found interesting in the text is whether or not a person can be right or left brained. If a person was right brained, they were thought to be more creative, artistic, and emotional. If a person was considered to be left brained, they were more logical, scholarly, and analytical. The book even notes that people have tried to make political comparisons to this theory. According to the text, much more research needs to be done before this claim can be supported. I personally believe that there is a correlation between how your brain works and what kind of personality you have. For me, I am extremely creative and artistic, and I don't like to over analyze things. My friend however, loves math and science and she thinks critically about everything. I believe that there has to be some sort of connection between your brain and the way you think and act. Whether or not its right vs left I am not sure, but there has to be something!

I found this fun little quiz that can tell you if you are right and left brained. Were the results what you thought they would be? (Mine were - I always knew I was "right brained")


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I took the quiz and ended up almost evenly split! Though the left brain was slightly stronger (55% vs. 45%) -- what do you think these results mean?

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