Science Fiction --> Science Reality?

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inception-uc-berkeley-scientists-turn-brain-waves-into-real-images.jpgLook at these pictures -- do they look similar? Can you believe that a computer recreated the image on the right using a brain scan from a person watching a clip of the image to the left? Previously, such reconstruction existed only in science fiction, but using fMRI, which has been discussed in your text, and a computer fed a lot of YouTube clips, researchers have been able to reconstruct movie scenes shown to participants. The downside is that the participants had to sit in the fMRI machines for hours on end... However, as this technique becomes better developed over time, amazing -- and perhaps, frightening -- implementations of this technology could materialize. Next week in class and discussion, we will be learning more about vision and processing of stimuli, which might put into greater context how remarkable this research is. What could be beneficial about this breakthrough? What could be harmful? Could there be ethical issues with using such techniques?

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Awesome research! I'm fascinated that the information the researchers recreated includes no background details--no candlelabra, gilded paneling, hat or medal of honor--just the human body and face. That's very consistent with what we know about inattentional blindness.

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