Alcohol as a Sleep Aid

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Many people believe that drinking some kind of alcohol before bed will help you fall asleep. They assume that just because many people feel tired or "pass out" after drinking, a drink or two before you plan on going to sleep will help you fall asleep faster. This however, is not true. This Article confirms that not only does alcohol not aid with your sleep, but it could actually be harmful to you. To receive a solid nights sleep you must be able to fall into delta sleep, a very deep sleep. While alcohol assists you in falling asleep sooner, it does not let us fall into that deep stage of sleep we need to feel well rested in the morning. Instead, we end up lying in bed awake longer than normal.
Studies have found that alcohol before bed has a larger impact on woman than men. The article stated above states that women experience more wakefulness during the night after consuming alcohol. This is thought to occur because men tend to have a higher metabolism causing their blood alcohol level to decrease more rapidly than that those of women.

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