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A classic hoax that has surfaced in many places around the world is the story of a giant man like creature roaming around the woods of the world. "He" goes by many names, the Yeti, abominable snowman, sasquatch, and Bigfoot. Bigfoot is often described as a "large and hairy bipedal man like ape," and is one the most debated topics in the field of crypto zoology. The theory is that this being exists in woodlands and forests, but is extremely rare and hardly ever seen by man. So I will start this analysis off with the obvious concept, extraordinary claims. To think that a monster biped is roaming around the woodlands of the world is certainly a prime example of and enormous claim which, by definition, requires so equally extraordinary evidence backing up to make the theory plausible. However, the evidence that does exist of bigfoot is in the forms of very blurry photos and a few short equally blurry films, mostly of the noises that "bigfoot" makes in the woods. Far from the evidence that I believe is required to allow theories to hold any truth. The most concrete evidence of bigfoot's existence are a series of plaster molds made of his foot prints. There is no hair found and no DNA of any sort.

This brings me to my next concept, is it more parsimonious to believe that there is a giant ape man wandering through our woods that is extremely elusive despite his size, or that this is simply a hoax. It is pretty simple to create a fake footprint that is larger then life, and the thing in the out of focus picture looks suspiciously like a man in a bad gorilla suit.

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