Can the Blind See?

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In a well known story from the year 1945, a girl claimed to have seen the explosion of the first atomic bomb. The bomb was being tested in the New Mexico desert on July 16, 1945, when Georgia Green, being driven to the University of New Mexico, claimed to have "seen" the explosion that occurred. This may not being astonishing if that was the end of the story, but Georgia was blind. Although she could not see anything else, she somehow seemed to respond to a visual cue when the bomb went off.
Although it seems highly unlikely, this story has never actually scientifically been proven wrong. However, there are two aspects of critical thinking that can help us understand to greater detail what Ms Green may have experienced that night. The first is Outrageous Claims. This is a big claim to make seeing as there is no proof at all that Georgia actually "saw" the flash, all we know is that she reacted to the explosion, we are never given any evidence that it was from a visual cue. This evidence is not nearly substantial enough to verify that she actually saw the explosion that night.
The Second that can be used if Occam's Razor. Occam's Razor says, of course, that the simplest explanation is often times that true one. So is it really logical to believe that Ms Green, a blind woman who has been blind for most of her life and years before this incident occurred, saw a flash of light from the atomic bomb? Light is not the only effect of an atomic explosion. There is also a shockwave, a noise, and a tremendous amount of heat all given off as well. And although she was blind, Georgia could still hear and feel just as well as anyone. So Occam's Razor would beg the question; wouldn't it be more likely for Ms Green, a blind woman, to have felt the shockwave or heard the sound of the explosion rather then seen the light?
Falsifiability also plays heavily into this because how can anyone really know what Ms Green saw on that fateful night in the desert.

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