Crop Circles: A Sign from Above?

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Beginning in the late 1970's, strange circular shapes began appearing in fields across the globe. Known as crop circles, people began to speculate about how these mysterious crop circles were created. Because no one had confessed to creating them, many people started to believe that the crop circles were created by aliens. With all the mystery surrounding these creations, the idea that aliens could have made them seemed like a plausible theory. But that theory took a huge hit when in 1991 two British men confessed that they had made many circles themselves. Since then many groups have claimed to create crop circles, and many demonstrate how to make them. But despite this, many still believe that aliens are responsible for some creations. Proponents of the alien theory argue that many crop circle designs are far too complex to have been created by humans. They even think that they have video proof of crop circles being made. The video clams that two orbs of light created circles out of thin air.

When evaluating the claims made by the alien theory proponents, we mush keep in mind a couple of scientific thinking principles. First of all, we need to remember that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Alien believers think that they have conclusive evidence with the video. But it is crude, probably doctored, and far from convincing. They must produce much more extraordinary evidence to better support their claims. We must also recall Occam's razor principle when thinking about crop circles. Maybe the simplest solution is the correct one. Doesn't it make more sense for crop circles to have been made by skilled artists rather than superiour beings from above? I'll let you decide which theory is more plausible.

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Good application of scientific principles! The "orbs" in the video look like fireflies or birds to me.

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