Emotion and Motivation

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The area of psychology that interests me most is emotion and motivation. There are so many ways to influence people's emotion and motivation. And there is a connection between them. My cousin had a baby girl last year. I went to my cousin's home and visited her and her families this summer vacation in Ningbo. When I first went into their home, the baby girl was very happy to welcome me coming to their home. She put all her attention on her mother, her father and me. After talking with my cousin and her husband for a while, the baby girl felt unhappy and tried to stand up on her bed to see what we were doing. My cousin felt that her baby girl was unhappy and went to check out, but it was seem like no problem with baby girl. We continued talking and then we heard my cousin's baby girl crying. She could not put all her attention on her mother, her father, and me anymore. My cousin guessed her baby was hungry, so she prepared something for her. When my cousin's baby girl saw the food that her mother prepared for her and ate it, she began stop crying and put all her attention on us again. I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm19EYKJFNE about baby stop crying when giving them food. From this experience, I found there is a connection between emotion and motivation. Emotion can influence people's motivation and hunger is one of determinants for motivation.

baby girl

I am looking forward to learning more about emotion and motivation. I also want to learn more about other determinants of motivation and what other factors can influence people's emotion. I am thinking about is there any connection between happiness and self-esteem. What causes people's feelings and emotion?

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How old was the baby that you visited? My son had the same bouncer toy as the baby in the video, bringing back some good memories for me.

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