Ethics a Grey Area in Research

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In the past and still occurring today, there have been medical trials done on humans that are considered to be ethical catastrophes. It is important to protect people that sign up for medical trials but where to draw the line sometimes is a little grey. It is difficult because we, as humans, want answers about a disease or illnesses that may not be easily studied in human. Many experiments that were done years ago would not be allowed today because of ethical considerations. Ethics are something that needs to be taken into consideration with every experiment to ensure that nobody is harmed in participating in the trial. It is interesting to think about when research gets to the human level, especially when it comes to drug trials. Many cutting edge drugs are offered to a sector of people that are desperate for a cure, such is the case with HIV research, treatments are offered to people in a different country where poverty levels are low and people are extremely desperate for help. They have made headway with HIV research but it has been at a cost for humans and for animals. Where to draw the line is a very difficult decision when we are in a world where people want results and they want them fast. world-aids-day-ribbon.jpg

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The area of ethics is very interesting and can generate some great discussion!

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