"Inception" and Dreaming

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Dreaming is something that has always fascinated people. Are dreams ways for higher beings to communicate to us? Are dreams actions are subconscious wants to act out?
images.jpgScientists have been trying to answer these questions for years. Many studies show different meanings and reasons for dreams. While the importance of dreams is unknown, movie makers have been capitalizing on the mystery of dreams for years.

Movies like Field of Dreams, The Good Night, and most recently Inception all deal with dreaming. Inceptions goes miles beyond any other movie with the fact that one can invade another's dream and plant ideas.

The movie makers combined REM sleep and lucid dreaming in the concept of this movie. The facts that one would be aware they were dreaming and would be able to change the events in the dream are evidence of lucid dreaming being involved.

Inception claims that one day we will have the technology to invade dreams and change them, plant ideas in the subconscious, and interact with the dreamer. Many scientific thinking principles can disprove that this will ever occur. First, extraordinary claims. In order for one to claim that someone ambushed their dream and changed their way of thinking, they would need extreme data to back this up. No type of evidence would ever be extraordinary enough to support the claim. Also, the principle of falsifiability applies to this case. Scientists would never be able to verify the events that occur in the dreams to match up with the claims. Finally, it would be hard to determine correlation vs. causation. Does the dreamer suddenly have the idea because they "incepted" it, or is it coincidence? Is the dreamer swayed by the question to believe that this happened.

While the movie was a hit and blew viewer's minds, due to the scientific thinking principles, we will never have to worry about someone invaded our dreams.

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