Lights Across the Arizona Sky

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On a cool summer night in 1997, a strange array of lights appeared in the dark Arizona sky. The lights were in a V-shape and witnesses claim that it was about a football field large. Sightings of the lights were reported along a 300 mile stretch. The mysterious lights caused a lot of confusion because nobody knew what they were. In fact, the event created such a stir that an extensive article about it was written in the USA Today the following morning. The source of these mysterious beams remains a mystery to this day, but the most common explanation for the phenomena is that they were UFOs from another world. The UFO theory also received some new found credibility when a few years ago in 2007, former Arizona governor Fife Symington claimed to have seen the lights in 1997 and firmly believes that they came from an extraterrestrial source.

Now if there's anything we should have learned by now in PSY 1001 it's that we should not always trust our senses. We may think that we are seeing a UFO fly across the sky when it may just be an illusion. Our eyes see some lights move in sync overhead and our brain interprets that to be some sort of extraterrestrial space craft, when it could literally be just a bunch of lights. Although the lights are still a mystery to this day, while we try to figure out what it was, just remember the scientific principle of Occum's Razor. It is possible that some aliens stopped by Earth for a quick tour of the Arizona dessert. Or it could just be an elaborate prank. We may never really know, but the simplest solution is probably the correct one.

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