New Casino, better chance of winning the jackpot!

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Throughout all of time, people have tried to justify random occurrences with reasoning they make up on their own. Many times these claims are outrageous and make no sense. One claim I came across while researching on was that slot machines in newer casinos are guaranteed to give a jackpot winning. Reasons behind this thinking are the machines haven't been played before or the new casino is lucky. People also believe that the casino owners pay the companies that provide the machines to insure a jackpot in order to increase popularity in the new casino. Sadly, chances do not improve at new casinos.slot-machine-tips.jpg
This theory can be proven wrong by using the scientific thinking principle of ruling out rival hypothesis. People assume there is a conspiracy going on. They do not stop to think of other reasons for the giant wins. Since the slot machines are based on chance, if the newer casino has a higher rate of attendance, there is a better chance of someone winning the jackpot. More people are playing resulting in more wins. Similar principles of scientific thinking that prove this theory wrong are extraordinary claims and Occam's razor. People do not have outstanding evidence to back-up the extraordinary claims of conspiracy. Also, the simplest reason for the jackpot winnings is more games played and increased chances, not newer casinos have better or rigged machines. Using all the principles together we can conclude that slot machines at newer casinos produce more jackpots.

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Decent application of the scientific principles. Beware of double-posting ;-)

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