Occam Assesses Aliens

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A mystery that has been troubling our societies for some 50 years now is whether or not there are other beings outside our galaxy. Many have claimed to see or interact with these beings and there are many pictures available of strange craft that no one can conveniently confirm or deny the fact of whether or not these pictures are fake. Those that want the existence of other life forms in space even show a great deal of confirmation bias when it is presented to them that there is no actual hard evidence proving that extraterrestrials actually exist. They have convinced themselves that there must be no evidence proving their existence because the government has come in and wiped all evidence away.
Here is a link that shows CIA files that have been recently released "dealing" with accounts of extraterrestrials. The point of the article is to show that the government has in fact been meddling with evidence of the existence of other worldly beings, however the article itself even states that although extraterrestrials are mentioned in the files, there "is no specific mention of extraterrestrials, or crashed alien spaceships." All the accounts are of something someone saw that may have been a UFO, which is a very big claim, but it might have burned up before it hit the ground, or it occurred in an isolated location so only one person bore witness to it. So, for all the amazing claims that these witnesses have, there appears to be no hard evidence whatsoever to back any of it up.
Besides the outrageous claims made by these people, there are much simpler explanations for almost all of these sightings. The article mentions that the majority of these cases occurred during the time of the cold war, when our technology was advancing very rapidly. Is it not possible that these aliens could actually be a new form of flight developed by the military for the military? This was a time when our government was trying to beat out the USSR's military in a race of arms, so these alien sightings may just have been someone mistaking a new form of airborne craft for something other worldly.
As far as the matter of UFO's goes, the claims themselves are much larger then the amount of evidence backing them up, and there is usually a much simpler explanation for what someone might have seen.

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The principle of extraordinary claims would apply here as well!

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