Psuedoscience Scares Me

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The first chapter of our book basically made me realize how stupid people are. I found the chapter slightly disturbing because it presented all of the fallacies that we live our lives by day to day. I really think that psuedo science poses serious dangers to society and everyone is a victim to it in some way. Think about when we watch t.v., how many ads come up trying to convince us that if we don't do this or that we won't be happy? How is the media misrepresenting millions of products? What has psuedo science done to us? I can count at least 50 I know that believe in psuedo scientific things. A friend of mine believes in ghosts and paranormal activity. She believes her aunt can talk to spirits. She governs parts of her life based on what her aunt says. She doesn't even question. The most disturbing thing I found in my book was the story of the little girl whose therapist/ psuedo psychologist decided to cover her in a blanket and simulate the birthing process to create a closer connection with her parents. What happened to her? She died. That can be the result of psuedo science. I think it is very important for our generation to realize the effects of psuedo science and make a real endeavor to make the general populace aware of it too.

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Are people basically stupid or has society shaped (some) people to be this way?!? Seems to take us back to the nature/nurture argument...

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