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I know there might be a lot of differences between my country China and the US as a result of culture difference, including when they are trying to educate children.
I have been experienced teachers punish students. Chinese teachers are really strict towards students, and they punish kids when they do something wrong or they don't reach the expectation. I used to have a classmate when I was in middle school. She was just so normal. She never performed outstanding at schoolwork, she was not pretty, and she kind of awkward when she was communicating with others. That's why she never gave brilliant impressions to teachers. Every time she performed badly in exams, our teachers punished her--they spanked her. What happened to her is she never perform well in the middle school, she was always awkward to make friends so she never had one, and our teachers never liked her.
Years later I happened to met her another time. Surprisingly, she was pretty outgoing and had a great sense of humor, and she was one of the best students in her high school class then and about to go to college in Japan. When we talked about middle school, she told me that she also treated herself as an awkward and not smart student as our teachers used to treat her, and she had spent a really long time to rebuild confidence.
Skinner and others talked about the disadvantages of punishment. Punishments don't teach people what to do, and creates serious mental problem such as anxiety. In my classmate's example, punishments killed her confidence and our teacher just told her she was a bad student and never offered any help.
It's a little sad to tell this story because there are still a lot of kids who are suffering such negative things in my country. I believe that it will be better if people stop using punishments and use reinforcement, and really offer help.

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