Ruling Out Rival Hypothesis - Creation vs. Evolution

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One of the six principles of scientific thinking is "Ruling out rival hypothesis". This means when evaluating a claim, we need to make sure we have considered other possible explanations for the claim. I think this principle is important because it helps avoid jumping to erroneous conclusions. I would like to address this principle using the theory of evolution. Often evolution is presented as fact; even in a recent psychology lecture, a professor stated the visual systems of different animals were not designed by God but were evolved. However, he failed to ask himself and present other possible explanations. Creation is absolutely another plausible explanation.

Anyone who wants to deny the existence of God has to provide an answer to the question: Where did the universe come from? Evolutionists claim it came from a speck of matter. When they are asked where the speck of dust came from, they talk about the universe exploding into existence and the spontaneous generation of matter and any other psychobabble that they can think of. Scientists have been unable to dispute the simple truth that nothing comes from nothing.

I'd like to list the many evidences of God as the creator of the universe, but the lists are much too long to include in a simple blog. I will start however with two paragraphs from the book Evidence and Truth written by Robert J. Morgan.

The universe is a cosmos, not a chaos. It has order and design, and I would like to explore this theme further. Perhaps you are reading this book in the glow of an electric light. That electricity is produced in enormous generators, harnessed at a power plant, and transmitted through a complex system of public utility wires that flash it into your room. Would anyone suggest that the utility systems of your city happened by blind accident or by random chance?

Yet in the muddy waters of the Amazon lives an olive-brown eel that grows eight feet long and has six built-in electric generators composed of thousands of modified muscle cells called electroplaques. It can produce enough electricity to stun and even kill those it touches, its electrical circuitry being far more complex and intricate than the wiring of my house or yours. Is it chance or design?

If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to watch the video link attached. The video talks about how science confirms the Bible is true. It is presented by Dr. Jason Lisle who has a Ph.D. in astrophysics. Just copy and paste this link onto your browser:

I'm curious why, if you aren't able to rule out a rival hypothesis, why is it that only one view is can be emphasized without equal explanations of both views?

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