Sleeping Pills: Doing More Harm Than Good?

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Sleeping pills have become very popular in the last decade. People are becoming very dependent on them, and overusing them. Recently however, people are beginning to believe that these pills can be very harmful, and in the long run its better to fall asleep naturally. While most of these medications do help you fall asleep and stay asleep, it is said that those who take sleeping pills are at higher risk for death. This article states many ways in which sleeping pills are said to be harmful and sometimes cause death.
However, there is no real evidence that sleeping pills can cause things like higher death rates, more car crashes, etc. while there may be a correlation between taking sleeping pills and, for example, car crashes, we dont know that this is the main cause of that. it could be that the person taking these pills is addicted to them and uses them abusively, meaning that they are not taking them appropriately which may have caused them to get into that car crash. This is an example of causation v. correlation. Overall, sleeping pills are very useful to some people but those who do not use them correctly may hurt themselves.

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