What makes you keep focused on it.

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Today I was in the Moose library, screening the text book of PSY1001 for this writing assignment. I was so concentrated on it not to notice that a friend was quite nearby me. According to her, she was there about a minute expecting me to find her. So when she whispered my name, I almost fall of my chair. She laughed at me. This was not an exact experiment, you can find many observations like my situation or just experiment it easily.

He is focusing on his studying so much even he may not know events around him.
The selective attention enables us to stay focused on few stimuli in which we are interested among many stimuli and sensations. That is why I was able to keep reading. Even some students were discussing their project today. Nevertheless I barely heard them. There is a gap between sensation and perception, but in a good way. If out brain was not able to get selective attention, we would get a mental breakdown from the flood of sensational information.

This article talks about the selective attention and some disorders briefly. This has some links about studies and theories on this subject. There were two things in which I was interested. First, the process of paying attention does not need to be aware of, and the second is about the level of concentration. Depending on the degrees of concentration, or attention, someone might have a disorder like autism or ADHD. I want to know more about those disorders, and the process of subliminal selection of attention. But it lacks a cognitive and also a material resource, I mean time, for me to study deeply about it because of the exam. It would be better for now to change my selective attention into the upcoming exam. In this case, my altering the selective attention from one to another is fully perceived. Anyway, it class will give me to study more about the subject.

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