Why We Can't Always Trust Our Common sense

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Common sense which is defined by as, "sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts." But for me, common sense is what we get for normal lives or from the old.
Why we can't not trust our common sense? Let me as a example for this theory. As I was a high school student, when we took physics class, when we talked about the refraction in the water. A simple example of this would be the fact that when we put a stick part way into the water, we perceive it as bent because of the way the light interacts with water. When we see it , it looks like break into two parts. Actually, we know it is still a whole stick. Adopting the perspective of Naive Realism might incline us to accept the information of our eyes as accurate, but that would be a mistake. The stick isn't really bent. Other optical illusions can be more complicated, and that doesn't even begin to touch upon the fact that our perception of the world isn't always unmediated -- it isn't as if information goes directly into storage in the brain. Our expectations, assumptions, and past experiences all combine to affect what we perceive.
As a conclusion, seeing is not believing. So sometimes we cannot trust our coommon sense.
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