Classical and Operant Conditioning

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In five years, psychology will be of my past and I will have moved on to different classes, possibly have graduated, and most likely be starting graduate school. If anything sticks with me throughout that time it will most likely be the concepts of classical and operant conditioning. Classical and operant conditioning are very relevant to other concepts in life due to the fact that they can help train yourself to do certain activities or behaviors. For example, when studying, you can use positive reinforcement using rewards to train yourself to be able to study longer and harder. Also, it sticks with me because it is relevant to situations like phobias. I have a great fear of roller coasters, but due to understanding conditioning I now understand why I am so afraid of them, and hopefully I can condition myself to not be afraid of them. Also, combining the two says a lot about how children learn and grow, and so if I'm babysitting or even have my own child, I now know which are the most effective ways that babies learn develop their behaviors.

Psychology was a very interesting course, and I believe that a lot of it will stick with me throughout the rest of my college career and through other life situations. I found Classical and Operant conditioning to be very interesting, especially when combined, and I feel that they are very easily applied to relevant life situations.

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