Classical Conditioning

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The psychological concept that I will remember in five years is classical conditioning, also known as Pavlovian conditioning. It was discovered by a Russian scientist by the name of Ian Pavlov, whose primary research was on digestion in dogs. However, he discovered that dogs began salivating more when there was meat powder present. This also did not only happen when there was just meat powder present, it happened when the stimuli presented before the meat powder was present as well.

Pavlov determined his observation by first presenting neutral stimuli and recording the salivation of the dogs. He then paired the stimulus with the meat powder and recorded the salivation of the dogs. Finally, he presented only the stimulus to the dogs and noted that the dogs salivated more to the stimulus than before it was paired with the meat powder.


The reason I will remember this concept is because this is an extremely interesting to me, especially in the area of advertising. I find it fascinating that advertisers are able to subtly influence the mind of consumers by high-order classical conditioning, which is to develop a conditioned response to a conditioned stimulus by virtue of its association with another conditioned stimulus. This interesting concept will definitely not be forgotten anytime soon and I will try to find out as much as i can about the topic.

In the above commercial, Axe Deodorant is associated with hot women, which is associated with pleasure. The advertisers are using high order conditioning to condition consumers to buy Axe Deodorant spray.

Other types of conditioning can be found in this article.

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