Cognitive Biases in Everyday Life

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We learned about cognitive biases early in the year, and since then, I have found myself applying the concepts to occurrences in everyday life. This article gives a good summary of common cognitive biases and some examples. Previous to this course, I wasn't as aware of how common these false "beliefs" appear in my life. When reading articles or listening to the news, I definitely second guess the information more than I use to. I pay attention to evidence that is used and what the information is being referenced from because I now know just how important that knowledge can be. I will probably always remember at least the basic ideas of these biases for the rest of my life because they can be applied to so many things. There will always be stories and new findings presented to me through articles, television and other people. Through the psychology 1001 course, I have now obtained better information and a strategy that can be used to decipher what is actually valid in the information given and whether or not I should completely believe everything I am hearing.

One great example of a situation where I try to keep the cognitive biases in mind is pop culture magazine. Reading a magazine such as "People," I frequently come across claims or studies that seem strange. After reading an article, I am often reminded of the confirmation and other similar biases. The evidence that is given for such claims often doesn't include finding or results that go against the claim. And, through this course, I have learned the correct way to find the important results of the articles found in such magazines.

This video has a song that can be used as a fun way to remember the cognitive biases and what each means.

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