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The concept from this Psychology course that I will remember the most is the debate about Nature vs. Nurture. It seems like this topic is consistently brought up in the textbook and relates to so many psychology concepts. I can't understand how some scientists believe that only nature or only how we're nurtured shapes our individual identities. It's clear that both play significant roles. However, one of the most controversial issues around this debate is using the "nurture" side as an excuse for criminal acts or other unacceptable behavior. I believe that even if a person has a legitimate argument that points the finger at their environment then that person still should be punished or removed from society.
With that said, I believe that nature has more influence in people than nurture. How else can you explain major differences between siblings or parents and children? I have sister who is 2 years older than me and we obviously had the same upbringing, but our personalities and general outlook on life are drastically different. She has always been a little reserved and could easily be embarrassed by trivial things. I on the other hand have always been loud and never really cared about the opinions of others.
I know that when I decide to find someone I could spend my life with she better have some pretty impeccable genetics. In fact, this may sound superficial, but I am extremely judgmental when it comes to women. I pick up on all the little things in their appearance and personality and that like and dislike.

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