Life on Mars

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For many years there has been talk about potential life forms on other planets. People are skeptical without evidence of such a claim, reinforcing the important psychological idea that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. According to this article posted by Forbes, some of these skeptics may now have reason to believe this "out of this world" claim.


The Martian Rover Opportunity has been travelling around the Endeavor Crater on Mars waiting for Curiosity, an additional rover to join in the effort to gather important information about the foreign planet. Curiosity has used a number of tools and instruments, including an X-Ray spectrometer and microscopic imager, that discovered veins of gypsum on Mars' surface. This is the same gypsum used on our planet for creating building tools like drywall and plaster. It also is evidence that there was flowing water on Mars because gypsum is created when water dissolves calcium and combines with sulfur. It is also the strongest evidence thus far that scientists and researchers have discovered to support the claim.


According to one of the Opportunity scientists, "This tells a slam-dunk story that water flowed through underground fractures in the rock."

Finding this evidence does not only help prove the "water on Mars" theory, but is also a step to discovering other vital information that could help ideas become theories as well prompt more claims about foreign planets and their histories. This is a "giant leap for mankind" as Neil Armstrong said on his mission to the moon.

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