Operant Conditioning

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pigeon-2.jpgFive years from now I believe the most prominent aspect of psychology that I will probably remember best is Skinner's theory of operant conditioning. Even now I am relating my own personal reactions to something that I picked up through repeated rewards or punishments. The theory itself is intriguing in its simplicity. The ability to create a habit by simply giving repeated rewards whenever the subject moves in such a way that resembles the habit that is wanted. In this video the tested is able to teach a pigeon to spin in a circle in about a minute. Such a simple technique that teaches habit in only minutes is fascinating. This article explains how Skinner was able to create the first guided bombs with operant conditioning by teaching the pigeons to guide the bomb by pecking from inside the bomb at selected targets. The ability to direct bombs simply through the conditioning of pigeons by teaching them to identify target buildings in a city is simply fascinating.
I myself have developed habits that affect my very academics. Operant conditioning has taught me to study more for tests because when I study more I am rewarded with better grades and learn to study more for each test and not studying is punished by taking away my bad grades.

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