Our Belief Live On -- Despite The Evidence

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220px-Notintoyouposter.jpgAs this is my last blog, I'd like to write something interesting. I watched a movie named "He's just not that into you" several days before, and it was interesting because I found some signs of what is called belief perseverance. I think I will keep belief perseverance in mind for a long time because it is easy to fell into its trap. Belief perseverance is the tendency to stick to our initial belief even when evidence contradicts them. (Lilienfild 9) Here's case. Let see the beginning of the movie.

All girls who suffer from heartbreaking in the movie are not willing to accept the facts of "he's not that into you". They are trying to seek out explanations, such as "he doesn't have time", "he lost my number" or " he is too busy", to support their beliefs even when evidences do contradict them. It is so common that lots of my friends have gone through similar situations.

Also, in this video, even after all the facts were explained to Winston, and after he appeared to agree that the facts were right, he still held doubts that President Obama was born in this country. This video is a good evidence of belief perseverance.

So, what is the causation of it? In this article, Craig A. Anderson thought that causal thinking was an important determination of belief perseverance. From prior studies, some conditions were designed to reduce or prevent causal thinking. As expected, inhibiting causal thinking can reduce the amount of perseverance obtained, whereas the replication conditions yielded considerable perseverance. It was an evidence of Craig's hypothesis.

I will remember belief perseverance in my daily life and always consider opposite to keep myself away from it.

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