The Milgram Experiment in Business


I believe a concept in psychology that I will remember is the Milgram experiment. This experiment fascinated me and also has great relevance to my career aspirations. The experiment showed that a large percentage of people would be obedient to an authority figure even if they were asked to do tasks against their moral values. The results, that 65% of participants administered lethal shocks, were surprising. The results help explain why some horrific events in human history occurred, but also offer valuable information for business leaders.
I desire to have a leadership position in business one day and I think the Milgram experiment offers an important lesson for me. As a leader you can have a great deal of power, but you want to be careful to not completely control your employees. In business, challenging ideas is important in order to find the best solution. If you are a manager operating in a very tense culture you could exert too much authority onto your employees and essentially command them what to do. If you were to be over authoritative you would not only be micromanaging, but your employees would not be very efficient at problem solving. I would want the other 35% of participants in the study that will say no when they think it is appropriate to say no.

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Is this the well known milgram study that took place in 1963 over the procedure for the study of destructive obedience?

I think that such a research is always with results that could raise more discussion than certain conclusions, I hope that people will think about their actions before , not after...London

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