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Jim Halpert from The Office shows Ivan Pavolv's findings in a hilarious way. My chapter was about learning and how nurture truly changes us. Pavlov's dog experiment interested me most in the chapter because it showed the complete basic instincts that nurture can change with in us. In his experiment he started with a dog and a stimulus that did not create any reaction, a metronome. Next evey time he started the metronome he put meat powder behind a sheet, which caused the dog to salivate. Eventually when Pavlov would start the metronome, which originally caused no response, the dog would salivate even if there was no meat powder. Jim recreated this in his altoid experiment with Dwight. Every time Jim played a tone on his computer he would offer Dwight an altoid eventually when Jim would play the tome Dwight would expect an altoid even if Jim didn't offer him one. I think that Pavlov's findings are extremely interesting and they go to show that nurture can change even the most innate responses in anyone, which asks the question does nature even matter?


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I think nature matters if the nurture is lacking. I remember watching this episode during psych in high school. Sooo funny! It makes me want to try something like this on someone!

Good summary of the events behind Pavlov's study and "The Office" prank -- nice linking of the two. At the end of class, I'd be interested to hear your answer to the question, "Does nature even matter?"

Nice linkage. It's difficult to say that nature doesn't matter, because all of our actions have a natural basis somewhere. If it wasn't for our genes, or in this case the dog's genes, there would be no salivation in the first place. But it is very interesting to look at the associations that our brains make when two things occur simultaneously.

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