Are You Smarter Than Your Sibling?

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IMG_0016.JPGEver since we were little, my younger sister and I have argued about who is the smarter daughter between us. Although we are both good students and get grades that are approved of by our parents, has it finally come to the point that I might actually be smarter? According to recent studies, older siblings have proven to score higher on IQ tests than their younger siblings. In a study at the University of Oslo, the mean IQ of first-born kids was just over 103, second-borns just over 100, and third-borns about 99. Although this might make older children excited, researchers have recently discovered a more accurate reason for higher scores is in fact social upbringing rather than biological birth order. Younger kids tend to be more outgoing and get better grades in the classroom, while the eldest tend to have an overall higher intelligence and sense of professionalism. With that in mind, it's not necessarily being born first that could make you smarter, but rather being raised as the eldest child.


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Good Job!! However, I tend to disagree. I think it depends on how intelligence is defined. Also, parents usually tend to put more efforts on the oldest kid and way less on the youngest, which would explain the better grades. In addition, most of the time, parents make the oldest responsible of the youngest siblings, which may explain the professionalism.

Great first entry! Catchy headline and introduction. Interesting article link. Do the differences in the means have practical significance (i.e., are difference of 1 and 3 IQ points really all that important?)?

When I read about this I was amazed that older siblings may actually be smarter than their younger siblings. I could relate to this somewhat. Although I am no genius, it has always seemed as if school has come easier to me than to my little sister. I feel as if she has always tried just as hard as I have and she just can't do as well. We also have act scores that differ by 9 points which is a pretty big difference. I thought it was funny that you and your sister argue about who is smarter because me and my sister do the same even thought it is a hard argument for her to win!

My brother is significantly older than I am, so the competition between us isn't as direct, since he finished all of his schooling, including college, by the time I was eight years old. Because of this, I've always been comparing my grades and test scores to his. Contrary to the idea that older children are smarter, our academic results are nearly identical, considering the fact that I attend the same college that I do. Good post!

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