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Identity.jpgEveryone looks at themselves in a certain way, claiming their persona, or identity. Chapter 10 not only discusses human development from zygote to adulthood, but also examines the "most comprehensive theory" of how we develop our identity (p.393). Touching on body, mind, and personality development through different stages of life as well as special considerations in human development, this chapter describes "The Identity Crisis," a stage in the model of the human development created by Erik Erikson. The model encompasses eight stages beginning with infancy and ending in aging. Each of the stages describes the "psychosocial crisis: a dilemma concerning our relations to other people, be they parents, teachers, friends, or society at large." (p.393). During adolescence the psychosocial crisis becomes "identity verses role confusion." At this time people either achieve a "stable and satisfying sense of role and direction," or confusion that can result in a "borderline personality disorder" (p.394). Though not all of Erikson's claims can be substantiated, it is still enlightening to look back on adolescence, or look at one's life while enduring it, and understand that this is where one should have been, or should be at this point in their lives. This is the time to evaluate and understand who you are and who you'd like to become.

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Good picture! Establishing an identity is a key issue in adolescence, but it seems to me that the "crisis" extends beyond those years for most people.

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