Cocktail Party

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I would never have thought a cocktail party could be related to psychology in any way. It turns out in chapter 4 that they do just this.
Chapter 4 consists of an explanation on "how we sense and conceptualize the world." It goes into detail on how the brain reacts to different things and how our senses generally control what we end up seeing and how we react to it.
In this chapter, the authors explain something called the "cocktail party effect" and connect it to our senses by describing how it is a form of selective attention. This effect is when an individual is able to pick up on an important message in a conversation that they are not part of. This is when it is related back to a cocktail party because most people will not notice other conversations going on around them until it is applicable to them. I found this interesting because I honestly experience this phenomenon almost every day. Selective attention occurs almost constantly because there is always more than one thing occurring. It's crazy to think about how people are able to simply turn their attention to something so suddenly.

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Good picture to draw readers in! We'll discuss attention in this week's discussion section. In this day and age especially, attentional resources are stretched!

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