Control Your Dreams & Live Your Fantasies!

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Lucid dreaming, is it the answer to living out all of our wildest hopes and dreams? Unfortunately probably not, but it is an exciting topic of Chapter 5 where we learn about topics in the biology of sleep, dreams, alterations of consciousness and unusual experiences, and drugs and consciousness. Lucid dreaming is a dream in which the person is aware that they are having dream, they are neither totally asleep nor totally awake. One survey of lucid dreamers found that 72% could control what was happening in their dreams. Everyone wants to be able to fly, and with with lucid dreaming living out our fantasies in our dreams may be possibility that isn't too far off after all!
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Another Interesting topic under the section of The Biology of Sleep, is that of sleepwalking. did you know that 15-30% of children and 4-5% of adults sleep walk? Often while sleep walking very few actions may actually take place but in some cases people will drive cars, turn on computers and appliances, and even have sex while asleep!
Other important topics described in the chapter include: stages of sleep, out of body and near death experiences, hypnosis, substance abuse and dependence, depressants, stimulants, and several others.
Found in the section on stimulants i'll end with a fun fact. "Until 1903, Coca-Cola contained small amounts of cocain, and was advertised to cure your headache and relieve fatigue for only 5 cents!"


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You have a great style of writing for blogs -- it sucks me in and makes me want to read more!

Dreams are really interesting to me. I always used to lucid dream, and it was always the same dream: I would be sitting in class really sleepy then realize I was actually dreaming so I could fall asleep and not get in trouble. You put a lot of really good information in your blog, yet kept it interesting and easy to read. Good Job!

I like the picture in your blog! And the topic is interesting, too. I usually have lucid dreams and it is really makes me tired. I have heard some other stories about lucid dream, and they said lucid dream is occur when your body is sleep but your soul is still awake.

I love dreaming, and coincidently Peter Pan. I read the part about controlling dreams and thought that it was rather odd. I have odd dreams about all sorts of things that I sometimes control or at least perceive of giving boundaries. Perhaps I watched too many Star trek halodeck episodes, but I have dreams that way outside of normal life experiences. Never thought of it as controlling my dreams though. Very interesting, i guess I should start chapter 5, especially since that is our current topic. I love the pic, nice find.

It's been a while since I've had lucid dreams--I just sleep like the dead now--but I used to have them all the time as a kid. I love the topic of dreaming because it's interesting to think about all the different variety of dreams that we have from black/white to ones that mimic real life. Overall, your blog is really easy to read, and I love the pic. Nice job!

Really interesting topic. I have asked some friends and none of them have experienced lucid dreaming, but I remember my experience with it. I was having the worst nightmare in existence, I don't remember what was happening, but it got to a point where i was like, no, this cannot be happening, it doesn't happen this way. My dream changed to what I wanted it to and I just kept dreaming. It was a really weird experience for me, but at the same time, very cool!

I really enjoyed reading your post! I wish I was one of those people that could remember my dreams, but I hardly do. I have so many friends that can describe their dreams so vividly, and I am always envious of them. I really liked your fun fact at the end as well!

I love your picture. It makes dreams look like a fairy tale. Actually, I always experience lucid dreaming. I exactly know that I am dreaming in the dream. For example, when I dreamed that I already finished all final exams and went back to home, I knew that I was dreaming. However, I really hope that was the truth.

An interesting discussion is worth comment. I do believe that you should write more on lucid dreaming subject, it might not be a taboo subject but generally folks don't speak about these subjects. To the next! Many thanks!!

I really like the picture you have put up as well the concepts you are talking about. Isn’t that funny, that people thought Cocacola was a drug for headach; anyways for sure it is the best drink. Good article!!

This is an amazing article which gives complete details about lucid dreams and its fascinating details about the human mind, really amazing !

Lucid Dream

Picture is amazing and the article is great too! Interesting survey you have made :)

I love Lucid Dreaming, and yes, it is possible to learn to induce it and experience LD more often :)

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