Does Intelligence matter?

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intelligence_testing.jpgChapter 9 was the Intelligence and IQ Testing chapter. From what I skimmed over, the chapter is about different types of intelligence and the most effective ways to test intelligence using IQ Testing. What struck me the most in chapter 9 was Robert Sternberg's Triarchic Model. Triarchic Model is the existence of three largely distinct intelligences. The three intelligences are Analytical, Practical, and Creative. Analytical intelligence is the ability to reason logic or "book smarts". Practical Intelligence is the ability to solve real world problems, especially problems involving other people. Creative intelligence is the kind of intelligence we need to find new and effective solutions to problems. These intelligences do not go hand in hand, all of them are established individually.
This was interesting to me because this explains why somebody can have a lot of book smarts and not really have much common sense.

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Good job explaining the theory! Can you think of some real life examples where a person might excel in only one or two of the types of intelligence?

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