I Knew It All Along

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A topic discussed in this chapter that caught my attention is the Cognitive Biases. There are several biases under the cognitive bias category like confirmation bias, hindsight bias and overconfidence. Cognitive biases are influences and can be more broadly labeled as irrationalities. Confirmation bias refers to our tendency to try to find information or evidence that supports our own claims while ignoring that which does not support our beliefs. Another bias is the hindsight bias. This term is very common and we do it in our daily lives, even if we don't want to admit it. Lastly overconfidence is overestimating how likely we are to say statements that are correct. All of these different biases can sometimes overpower us and distract us from learning that actual facts. These biases can be negative if we become too close-minded. I found this topic of biases very interesting because I realized that I myself am guilty of these biases but this helped me learn to become more aware of them.nicholson_hindsight.jpg

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