Lucid Dreaming

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Something that really interested in Chapter 5 was lucid dreaming. When someone is dreaming and known that they are dreaming, they are experiencing a lucid dream. In a study cited by the book, 72 percent of the participants claimed to be able to control their dreams (Kunzendorf et al., 2006-2007). This opens up the opportunity for someone to change the outcomes of their dreams, which could go a long way to make them happier in everyday life. There are entire websites dedicated to lucid dreaming, as well as techniques for when you are in a lucid dream. This link gives a lot of information on controlling your dreams and the benefits of lucid dreaming. Popularized by the Inception, the site claims that lucid dreams can answer questions like, "Where should I live?" and "What is my ideal career?" What is your ideal life like? When you dream lucidly, you might get the chance to find out! inception-shared-dreaming.jpg


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Do dreams affect our waking life? Lucid dreaming is a very interesting topic. Good closing lines!

Yes they can effect our lives Penny Nichol, if there is high level lucid dreaming about the related topic.

Lucid Dreaming

I have experienced lucid dreaming too and all I can say - it is awesome! There are truly special techniques for lucid dreaming and even some devices that claim to help achieving lucid dreaming.

It's important to be careful with LD. It may be addictive for some people, they will try to LD all the time and forget about real life things.

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