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memory36969112_crop (1).jpgThe chapter in the textbook that I previewed was chapter 7, which is titled Memory. The first thing that I noticed as I was flipping through the pages was that there are a lot of abstract art clips in this chapter. In addition, there are several vocabulary words scattered throughout the chapter that I am unfamiliar with right now. However, I'm sure that after I finish reading chapter 7, I will have a full grasp of these terms. I am excited to read the sections in the text about different aspects of infant memory. I am hoping it will mention something about why people retain no or very few memories from when they are infants. Furthermore, I am hoping that the text will give me some insight into how our different senses contribute to our memory, and which one has the strongest correlation. Another section that caught my interest was the section titled "The Seven Sins of Memory." I did not read past the title, but it sounds like it will be a very interesting and intriguing topic. After skimming through chapter 7 of the textbook and looking at the pictures, titles, and vocabulary, I am excited to read this chapter about memory.

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Memory is an interesting topic that all of us can relate to. The chapter doesn't given much in the way of reasons for infantile amnesia, but does give some tips that might help when studying for exams!

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