Minnesota Nice or Minnesota Ice?

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Chapter 14 is all about Personalities and what different influences help to make everyone's personality unique. One thing I found particularly interesting, is the theory that geography can affect the development of one's personality. Since I am a Minnesotan, born and bred, I found it intriguing that the stereotype of "Minnesota Nice" may be scientifically explained. The book shows a map of the United States and colored the states based on a scale of high to low extraversion of their citizens. With no surprise, Minnesota ranked among the most extraverted states, proving that people here are more likely to work together and have no problem talking to strangers. 5488823250_57d22f0c19_z.jpg
With no surprise, states like New York rated on the low end of the spectrum, proving the East Coast tough-guy stereotype. Taking the geographical understanding of personalities to a worldwide scale, it would also be interesting to compare people in different countries.


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This is real? Who would have known! Very interesting to learn more about our country and if personality differs by region! Good work and this has me fully intrigued to read Chapter 14!

Good title and picture! We'll discuss some personality differences across cultures later in the semester. Nice succinct entry.

Cool! I wonder what causes this! Is it the weather? Simply the culture of the people residing in these areas? I'm sure there are several factors. Very interesting find.

Really interesting post and cute picture! I definitely agree that people are generally more friendly or helpful in some areas versus others. I would also say that is true among other countries. Like the US is more individualistic while some other countries like Spain or China are extremely family oriented. I would think this may also translate into general introvertedness versus extrovertedness in a country as a whole.

This is really interesting! I have always wondered where the "Minnesota Nice" stereotype comes from. I also wonder what it is about our location that makes us more extraverted that many people that live on the east coast. It would be interesting to find out what factors play a role in determining this.

This is a fascinating topic. I wonder what about geography makes people behave in a certain way. Of course, if a person is born into a "Minnesota Nice" area, he will grow up to be Minnesota nice. But when did people start becoming so nice in the first place? I wonder if it has anything to do with the climate or the type of city they live in.

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