Putting Mental Disorders in Order

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disorder copy.jpg Society usually calls people who suffer from psychological disorders "crazy" because they sometimes behave and think in ways that are not normal or accepted. This statement is true. One of the five criterion listed in chapter 15 for defining a mental disorder is social disapproval, along with statistical rarity, subjective distress, impairment, and biological dysfunction. There is a wide spectrum of variety and severity in mental illness. Some disorders can present themselves in very mild ways, like slight twitches. Others can be more extreme like generalized anxiety disorder. These patients spend 60% of each day worrying. Something that I found interesting was that some conditions are more common in specific cultures. For example, in Asian countries, there is a condition called koro, where the mostly male victims believe that their penis and testicles are disappearing into their abdomen. Government officials went so far as to measure the victims' penises with rulers to prove that they were not receding. However, a plethora of disorders exist in nearly all cultures, and they can begin at random parts during a person's life, even early childhood and old age. No matter how mild or extreme they are, they require constant treatment and attention from medical professionals. Unfortunately, many of the people who suffer from mental disorders also suffer from a stigma that they are "crazy" or "psycho", when in reality, they are normal people who we interact with every day.


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Nice blog! This topic is really interesting. I always wonder how and why anxiety happens to some people. I can only imagine how tough it is for someone to be labeled as "crazy".

Interesting title. Good examples and overall good entry. Very well-written!

Nice title and picture! I found your add links to wikipedia on some specialized terms. Nice design!

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