Surgery to Treat Disorders

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psych blog 1.jpg The image to the left is usually what comes to most peoples mind when thinking about psychiatrists and the treatment of their patients. Chapter 16 focuses on psychological and biological treatments including ones like the picture. But is that the only way to cure people of their psychological ailments?
Through my glimpse of chapter 16 I've seen that their are a variety of ways to approach the issue such as: group therapy, human therapy, family therapy, learning therapy, watching therapy, brain chemistry work, and even psycho surgery. Different disorders cause for different types of therapy, as well as different personality types respond better to different treatments. A lot of these treatments are actually well known to us, for example group therapy. Alcoholism is a reality some people have to face, to get over this they go to AA meetings, which in fact is a type of group therapy.
What really struck me most about this chapter though is the fact that through the growth of psychology psychosurgery is still used, even if it is used just as a last resort. It was more widely practiced until the 1950 but will still be used in some extreme cases. Personally, I would be very hesitant to put myself under the knife for people to play with the tissues in my brain. Could you imagine doing that? It feels almost Frankenstein like to me, but every person has their own will.
Throughout this chapter you will be sure to learn a lot about ways to improve disorders through the help of treatments.

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You set up and pose a good question in the second paragraph! I couldn't imagine undergoing surgery on my brain, but perhaps if it was the only way to be treated...

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