Teaching a dog tricks

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I read Chapter Six and I found it really interesting. It was about how humans and animals learn. It was really interesting because there are so many ways of teaching material so someone will remember it. An example of this is when you have little kids and they are about to touch the hot stove, you yell at them to stop and try to explain to them it's hot. Even if they don't understand what you are saying, they realize with that tone you are using that they are doing something they shouldn't be doing. They also gave an example of teaching a dog to do a trick. When teaching the dog how to do the trick, you give them a treat to encourage them to do that trick or action. They realize that when they perform that action, they receive a treat. They then want to perform that trick so they will receive that treat. It is called positive reinforcement.


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Video shows a good example of using shaping/operant conditioning to train a dog. The cute dog video still is an eye-catching way to draw people to your entry!

Great example of conditioning, including shaping!. It's awesome how easy it can be to train your dog to do some great things! Good video too, it really caught my attention.

Nice tips on this video. I will have to save this for later :)

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