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Psychology.gifChapter 1 provides us with a brief overview of what psychology encompasses and provides an introduction to the subject. It explains how psychology is just as much of a science as physics, chemistry, and biology. It also provides readers with the six principles of scientific thinking:
1. Ruling out Rival Hypotheses
2. Correlation Isn't Causation
3. Falsifiability
4. Replicability
5. Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence
6. Occam's Razor

The chapter also introduces to the theoretical frameworks of society and the people who are considered the leading figures in these perspectives. The most useful information that I got out of Ch. 1 was table 1.7 which describes the different types of psychologists and what they do differently from each other.

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Good picture! Nice, short overview of the first chapter. Why were you most interested in the table that distinguishes the types of psychologists?

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