What Scares You?

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Have you ever thought about what scares you? I can think of a few things that make me a little nervous..spiders, for example. However, I see a spider and I just step on it. Easy. Some people cannot just "step on" their fears. There is such a thing as a phobia. People with phobias feel an intense fear of an object or situation that's greatly out of proportion to an actual threat.

Imagine having a social phobia. Being in the Psychology discussion classroom would cause such a panic that you wouldn't be physically able to attend class. My little fear of spiders seems quite basic compared to a fear as great as a phobia. Now I'd like to know...What truly scares you?


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Just like you, I also have a fear of spiders, along with all other bugs and insects and creepy crawlers. It seems to me that people like us sometimes tend to exaggerate when it comes to describing our fears and call them "phobias". I really don't like spiders, but at the same time I wouldn't call myself arachnophobic, because I can still manage my daily living even if there is a spider in the room.

Good title and you have a writing style that reads easily. What distinguishes a fear from a phobia? How does a fear of spiders differ from social phobia?

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