Will OCD contribute to your success as a doctor?

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Chapter 15 discusses physiological disorders, and the one that caught my attention is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD is a condition marked by immersing in obsessions or/and compulsions repeatedly for at least an hour a day. Most of the people with OCD tend to think that something is wrong with them and feel that they are "crazy". Most of them also experience compulsion, which is marked by repetitive behaviors for a lengthy time; for example people that have this condition can be washing checking door locks, washing hands, or counting doors repeatedly for lengthy periods during the same day.
I do have this condition, however, I learned to control it without receiving treatment for it. However, sometimes I cannot resist checking things over and over again. But I do not consider this a bad thing, because that helps me never forget any task assigned, and since being a surgeon is my career goal I am sure that OCD will help me to never forget an instrument inside a patient.
What concerns me is that the family dog, has the same condition and cannot stop licking himself. I wish I could get on his little head and see if he realizes that he is "crazy."


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Good use of personal example to connect with a topic! Very straight-forward writing style.

Interesting blog topic and very well written, however, I am wondering how it has to do with the title of your blog about doctors. Good job, though, I think you did a great job explaining the condition.

Interesting topic choice, I like how you used a personal example! I definitely agree that your compulsion to check things over and over again could be a useful characteristic; however, I wonder if everyone with OCD is as fortunate as you to have a compulsion with a positive outcome.

It sounds like form your personal example that OCD may actually be a benefit to you. I have seen videos of people who are not as fortunate as you and it really gets in their way and they cannot function in life with it. This was super interesting to read and you have great examples!

When I used to work in a grocery store, an elderly woman would come in that clearly had some mental disorder. She refused to let anyone touch her food and demanded to bag her own groceries. I wonder if what she has is OCD. Very interesting post, and thank you for sharing your own experiences. From what I've read, I think your OCD will assist you in your career as a doctor.

I think that it will definitely help you when you become a doctor. In my opinion, it is a good thing anytime a person double checks his or her work consistently, because the chance of making an error decreases dramatically. And it is obviously very important for doctors to refrain from making errors.

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