False Advertisement or Brilliance?

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Many ads like the Tag ad above demonstrate false advertisement; or does it? The Tag ad basically states with a couple sprays of Tag you will smell so great that women will be swarming all over you. The imagery of it sounds good but most men know better than to believe that this will happen. Or that was the assumption I made. Then i thought about the boys in middle school and high school with raging hormones trying to find the easiest way to attract the girl they like. To those young men this ad might be just the answer they needed. I believe young men from ages13-18 is the audience that Tag is trying to attract. If i am right the attraction of women is a good way to get young men to buy their product. Do you think this is false advertisement or just brilliance on Tag's behalf?


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Nice article. I think that it is simply clever advertisement. Not only is the advertisement funny, but it is somewhat believable (as you mentioned) to young hormonal boys. To add to this, the advertisement is full of attractive people which is another form of classical conditioning.

Good question and interesting post. I would have to say that it is just a regular advertisement. Almost every advertiser uses some form of exaggeration from Geico and the Gecko to Aflac and the Duck. To remember commercials we need to have something interesting happen in them and for Tag, that is what they want their commercials to be remembered for. Just like political ads and everything else it is still up to the consumer and general population to separate fact from clever advertising.

Body spray is clearly, at least from my point of view, a product designed for adolescent aged men and women. The ad exaggerates the power of TAG, as women do not usually pounce on men - so in this case it is false advertising. Yet, it seems like the entire ad is a metaphor for middle and high school.

In my opinion, TAG ads are extremely successful. Although most people do find these ads far-fetched, exaggerated, and juvenile, they catch your attention. They succeed in drawing in their audience, making sure that you do not forget the name of their product. Although most people may not openly say so, they want to buy this product especially adolescent teenaged boys...because it can't hurt to see if girls do pounce on them, right?

Nice blog and good question! I'm going to have to say it's both false advertising and brilliance at the same time. Hopefully men know that women won't just pounce on them if they catch the scent of Tag as he walks by, but the thought of that actually happening is where the ad gets men's attention. Clearly the ad is extremely exaggerated, which makes it false advertisement, but clearly it's working for the Tag company, so it's brilliant.

Nice blog! I agree with you. I think most ads nowadays are misleading. It is very impossible that only with a spray of perfume girls will be swarming all over you. On the other hand, some people, like you said, believed in those ads and, as a result, their responses benefit the Tag's company.

It's true that lots of ads are false. They are misleading audience and that's not good in my opinion. P.S. There are some interesting videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrW_RoGfvlVholDDEhUFHpg

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