Impossible Structures and their Vanishing Points

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I have always found paintings and different forms of art so interesting. It always seems like the artist is just waiting for you to find the hidden message they put there. They all just have little secrets, which why I think it's extremely difficult to get bored of studying art.

imagesCAIXS7OZ.jpg EscherBelvedere9Real.gif

When I read about vanishing points and saw this picture in the book, I literally stopped and studied it for a good 5 minutes. It took me awhile to understand the painting. Once I saw how it was put together, it really gave me a good idea of what vanishing points are. Since it was so hard to trace the lines of the building to where they meet, the many vanishing points make this an impossible figure. It was interesting to Google the painting and to see how it would have to be constructed. These are the types of things that make me want to learn more about architecture and art. I always wonder how artists are capable of painting these types of things and how architects design such intense buildings.


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I agree with how interesting art like this is. If nothing else, I am very impressed with the artist's ability to draw something that makes no sense. I think that would be extremely difficult and I know I would just confuse myself if I tried to do the same. A big part of it is the vanishing points. It's hard enough to create vanishing points that don't make sense and aren't possible, but to then put the nonsensical vanishing points together in a sensible way to the point where you may not notice something wrong unless looking closer...that's talent.

Very cool pictures!! I love how the building that cannot exist in really world drawn in the picture really naturally. It was very hard to see what part of it make no sense when I didn't see it carefully. The real world model of it looks really awkward. I love your example and its vanishing points. Good Work!

Wow I love the pics you put into this blog posting! The actual construction of the drawing is so cool! It's crazy to think about how vanishing points can cause us to view something as cohesive but impossible. Nice job on the blog post--very interesting!

Art is one of my favorite hobbies and I have taken my fair share of art classes but there is something special when it comes to vanishing points and optical illusions it requires a lot of skill to do it right. I love how it toys with your mind. Great job on the comparing photos I coud really understand vanishing points after seeing the 3D structure.

agreeing with the posts above! the 3D construction of this is really cool to look at. thanks for posting this.

This painting is interesting; however, the 3D reproduction left me speechless. I agree that art and architecture are two amazing domains, but it is the structural engineer who will decide if this feasible.
Would it be cool to own a house like this?
Thanks for your post!!

First off, great pictures! Really caught my attention and i just had to read about it. I never knew what this style of art was called so its nice to finally know it is called vanishing points. I share a love hat relationship with these pictures, i love them because they are so intriguing and always have so much happening in each scene, but i hate them because when i study a picture for to long it makes my mind go crazy trying to put together how this actually works. That's why i loved your second picture so much, it is incredible to see what a 3D version of the image looks like. Yes the artists must be quite smart as well as have incredibly artistic ability to be able to create such an intricate and deceiving image. Incredible how such a simple idea like vanishing points can make such amazing pieces of art.

I love these art forms too. i like how someone can take convention then purposely break from them to create and interesting image. It is one of the few times. i believe, we can be visually confused by a static object. we think we understand what we see but as our eyes shift over the structural elements the elements break down.

I always am drawn much more to these forms of art rather than to traditional paintings. These images really require the viewer to think about what is going on in the scene. The "aha" moment always comes when you realize that this building is actually impossible to build and that the artist is just playing tricks with your eyes.Thanks for the post!

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