Is Autism Treatable?

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Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. The development of autism is something that has stumped researchers for over fifty years. The lack to determine what exactly causes autism is why there is no significant reliable cure to autism. There have been some medications that have helped improve an autistics child's behaviors, but nothing has been proven consistent for autism from child to child. I recently saw a movie called Temple Grandin. Like the movie's name, the movie is about a life of Temple Grandin who suffers with autism. Even though Grandin had autism, she led a really successful life. She went on to college and gained her PhD. from the University of Illinois and has now become one of the most gifted animal scientists in the United States. I personally think that autism can be treated. Like Grandin said, worst thing you can do to autistic children is doing nothing. She also said that she's pained by the fate of some autistic people who may be "geeks" but are bright and talented. "While one goes to work for Google and another works for Disney, a third is in the basement on disability," she said. Autistic children can be improved by more care and engagement.


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I really enjoyed watching the clips about the real Temple Grandin and the movie version of her life. I found it interesting that she stressed the importance of one on one time with small children and teaching all autistic kids valuable life and job skills like sharing and being on time. I don't think autism can be cured but I agree with you that it can be treated because Temple is a wonderful example of this.

Nice video clips! I really like the film and I watched it before. And it is surely a good example of autism. I am not sure if the autism can be cured one day. However, I really think that people around the autism children do play an important role in helping those autism children. They can really help those autism children step onto the road of success. All in all, good job! I really enjoy your blog!

I really enjoyed your article! I liked the use of videos in your blog! Before I didn't know much about autism, but now I feel like I could explain it to someone else! Great job!

I've Seen the Movie Temple Grandin and I feel the same as you when it comes to Autism. It can be treated and dealt with. Most people don't really understand Autism and I believe that its a huge problem, the clips you chose were great, it really helps explain some of the ways to treat a child or adult with Autism, they also helps a little with understanding autism. Great example! Loved your post!!

The videos in the blog really helped what you were trying to get across. I am a strong advocate for improved autism care and treatment. It is a huge problem and I think people need to be more understanding on how to treat children and adults with Autism!

My nephew has autism and so the hope that there is a cure is wonderful. I like your enthusiasm towards finding a cure and the video clips. One thing I've heard of that can help autistic kids is working with horses- you could also look into that.

This is a really interesting post, thank you! My mom works with an autistic child at her work, and we have had discussions like this from time to time. I would say I agree with you, because I feel most people don't understand autism. I will definitely have to check this movie out!

I agree that the best way to treat autism is to deal with it. I do hope that more research is done to find more effective ways to deal autism is done, because these people have so much to offer to the world. As was the case with Temple Grandin, her autism was cured and she is now a great help to society. Great blog post!

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