Our We Eating Our Way to Cancer?

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images.jpg Living in America today we consume processed foods all the time. The price, taste, and convenience of these products are why Americans love them. Grocery stores carry more processed food and products that are chemically engineered and grown with the help of pesticides than natural and organic food. These unnatural choices are also much cheaper in comparison to the prices of healthier foods. Americans save money by buying these foods and many find them to be tastier. But how will eating these low quality foods now affect us in the future?
Americans love meat. They typical plate consist of Meat, a large amount of carbohydrates (bread or potatoes) and a small amount of vegetables. Americans eat about 8 ounces of meat a day; this is about twice the world average. Each year the typical American will eat about 200 lbs of meat. This is twice as much meat than was consumed 50 years ago. The number of cancer cases in the United States has increased significantly also. Cancer rates went up 55% from 1950 to the year 2000. It is believed that the amount of meat and the type of meat that we consume is directly related to this increase. Much of the meat we buy contains sodium nitrate. This is used to help preserve the meat but is also believed to be a carcinogen. This article shows that sodium nitrate not only can increase your risk of cancer but can lead to other health problems. Instead it is recommended that we eat natural meats, such as local meats and grass fed meats.
Foods containing refined carbohydrates are also suspected of causing cancer. Examples of foods containing these are white bread, chips, granola bars, candy, and almost all sweets. These types of foods are eaten by Americans all the time and many are believed to be healthy. Not only do these carbohydrates play a large role in the development of diabetes but also heighten the chances of developing cancer. Carbohydrate intake has a proven correlation with the risk of cancer, especially in the colon and breast.
Although these foods are a large part of the American diet it is recommended that we eat less animal products and processed foods and more vegetables, fruits, and other forms of proteins such as seeds and nuts. It is believed that doing so will greatly reduce a persons risk of developing cancer. Doing so is hard when our stores sell mainly processed foods and doing so is also more expensive. But in the long run the rewards are great. America as a whole will be able to lower cancer rates in the United States simply by changing their diets.


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This is very interesting, and kinda scary! I know I eat a lot of meat, but this makes me want to cut down a bit. Even though your blog looked long I'm glad I read it, it was very informational. Its hard as a college student to afford the healthy foods, maybe next time (even though I know there won't be a next time ;])you could list a few inexpensive healthy foods that don't have such a high cancer risk.

This is very eye opening. And very sad. My mom has always said I have the diet of a T-Rex as I always ask for meat for dinner. Next time though I think I'll ask for a salad. Thanks for the great information on this!

With obesity the lines between Nature and Nurture are very blurred. Eating fatty and carcinogenic foods is classified as a Nurture, or something that we experience, act, yet obese parents will often have obese children though they have 1) learned to eat healthy because of their weight condition and 2) their genes have not changed because of their weight. In this respect there is something at work where Nurture affects what Nature does to later generations.
Eric Best

I think you bring up a good point, our eating habits could definitely be causing cancer. But I also think there are many other habits that Americans have that are contributing to this problem! We are doing lots of things wrong!

This is a huge life debate for me. I am such a cheap/frugal person, so basically everything I eat is processed. Sad thing is, I knew it could lead to health issues even before I read this blog entry and I still do it! Maybe next time I go to the grocery I'll justify spending a little extra on good foods now to save on medical bills and emotional/physical trauma later. Good blogging!

I thought this was a very interesting article and I agree with the fact that we are a society eating our way to cancer. I know when I go to eat with friends, we always go to some place that is cheap and good (usually some place that is fast food). Our society has made it so unhealthy food is the cheapest and easiest food to get. Not a good way to make our society healthier.

This blog is pretty eye opening! Being a college kid, the easiest food to get my hands on is carbohydrates such as chips and sweets. Of course those are the ones that are found to cause cancer. I'd love to eat more fresh fruits and veggies, but it is hard to eat them in a timely manner, and keep them fresh. Also, it is a lot more expensive to buy a pack of strawberries than a bag of tostitos! Hearing about how meat causes cancer grosses me out, almost to the point of giving it up! I'd probably be able to stick to a healthier, less cancerous diet if it weren't for my college lifestyle.

Yikes! Refine carbohydrates even in bread and granola bars and the sodium nitrate in meat! Another problem with meat, in America is we try to produce so much to meet the demands of Americans that we now try to fatten them so quick, like feeding cows corn (the . Thus we consume meat that is not only with sodium nitrate but is more than 50% fat (corn fed beef) only deteriorating our health.

We are what we eat, and it is disturbing that our American's food suppliers bring more bad than good to their inventories. I think eating habits are strongly correlated with health issues but cancer, they should definitely research that more, that would be very interesting to see a high correlation.

It is so strange what can cause cancer and scary that food can be one of them! I actually had cancer when I was in the 7th grade so this article caught my eye. You had a lot of helpful suggestions such as eating meat that is not red- these are great hints to help us all try and keep cancer free- but can also be hard to implement. Great job.

Very good post. I had no idea the huge increases in cancer cases that have happened. Let alone how much meat we actually eat. You provided a lot of great information and facts to support it. I definitely will be incorporating more organic food and vegetables into my diet.

This is a very eye-opening post. I knew that processed food was bad for you, but I did not know that it could cause cancer. It's scary to think that in our society it is socially acceptable to eat food that can cause cancer. I think it's kind of a dichotomy that we have so many organizations that fight cancer, but we feed our citizens food that causes it. Interesting.

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