The Debate of Many Centuries

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nature vs nurture.jpg The grand debate about nature vs. nurture; what is more significant? Genes? The way one is brought up? Or are both a crucial part to a person's way of being? In this article a child's potential future is discussed. When little, kids want to become astronauts, doctors or superheros. Most times, these ideas don't actually come into reality. What does come into reality though are lifelong careers in diverse fields. How do people come about choosing which field they want to study and work in? Is it in our hearts, our passion? Is it influenced by a parent, teacher or coach? Many people also wonder how this certain upbringing and external influences affect twin. Whether they are identical or fraternal, genes and influence can be taken into account in order to test the nature vs. nurture theory. nvn twins.pngThe article discusses how a parents use of trajectories can influence the way a child develops and groups up. Psychologist George W. Holden from Southern Methodist University came up with four trajectories that parents influence their kids into a certain way of development ending in the last way being that the parent no longer has control over their child and is instead reacting to the actions being done by the child whether they be good or bad. Many other topics can arise from the child development aspect of nature vs. nurture; sexuality, success in school, having a criminal record even something as simple as clothing styles. This is a question that might never be answered. With the current research and evidence, I can conclude that the majority of the time there will never be a nature or nurture rather a nature and nurture combination.

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Great blog! I have to agree with you. I also think there is always an equal mix of nature vs nurture in every situation. There's really little evidence to prove otherwise.

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