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When I first heard about the Mosquito alarm, the high frequency pitch that becomes more undetectable as one gets older and hearing decreases, I was curious about its imgres.jpgeffectiveness. I myself had special interest in the Mosquito and its effectiveness because my hearing is in each ear is drastically different.

Due to nerve damage I received in my right ear in a football game my sophomore year, the hearing ability of my right ear is equivalent to that of an eighty year-old man. Since the injury, I noticed that there were certain noises that did not bother me when they came from my right side, yet when I would turn around, they would become increasingly annoying. So when I learned about the Mosquito, I decided to perform my own experiment.

I put on my headphones and tested my hearing range with each ear. When I had the headphones on both ears, I could hear the different pitches. Then I took out the headphone in my right ear (the damaged one), and played the different pitches, and I could hear them again. But when I placed the headphone in only my right ear, I could not hear any of the different pitches.

I found doing this test to be very interesting, and the results of my own personal case study proved the difference in frequency recognition between the two ears. I find the concept of the Mosquito alarm to be very interesting and am curious to what you guys also think, and your responses to TeenBuzz test. So here is the video that I used to test my hearing, and I encourage you to test it for yourself, as well as ask older people what there reactions to the high pitches are, if they have any!


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This is pretty cool! I like how you designed your own experiment! Overall nice job!

I thought that it was very cool how you didn't just talk about this subject, you actually performed your own test. When I first heard about the high frequency pitch, I tested my family. At first my parents didn't believe that I was actually playing something until I brought my little cousin into the room and asked him if he could hear anything. This is a very interesting subject when you think that you can hear a noise at one point in your life and then when you get older, you lose that ability.

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