Uncovering the "BIG" issue of Nature vs. Nurture

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With weight loss shows on every television network these days, people across the United States are consistently aware of the obesity take over in our country. With people as young as toddlers being considered overweight and even obese, how does this happen at such a young age? But more importantly, why?
Nature vs. Nurture. A common debate, but when it comes to the children of america what is making them so overweight? Is it their genetic make-up? Or is it their lack of exercise and proper diet? This blog looks at a Nature vs. Nurture study. The study claims that childhood obesity is 77% because of genetics and 23% due to the environment that the child grew up in. So for those who believe that they are bound to be plumper or bigger because of their parents think again. There are ways to prevent excessive weight gain; and even though we all know it, it truly is simply a proper diet and exercise regimen.

To leave you all with a startling fact: The World Health Organization classifies around 400 million people worldwide as obese, including 200 million children under the age of five. So take care of yourselves! And for further readings check out this website to not fall into this horrific statistic, and heres a glimpse into an extreme case:


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I really liked this article. Great use of the pictures and the videos it really grabbed my attention. It made me think twice about exercise and eating correctly!

I also agree, your use of media was great!
But your stats really surprised me. When you said "The study claims that childhood obesity is 77% because of genetics and 23% due to the environment that the child grew up in" I was blown away. I have always favored the nurture side of the debate. I feel as though the way you were raised should have a greater effect on your weight. I especially lean towards this when I think about obesity trends in the last 50 years, it is sad how fast it is increasing.

Very interesting post! I was kind of surprised by the stats as well. I though that obesity was more of a 60% genetics 40% environment kind of thing, but I'm not terribly surprised with the real numbers. This just proves to me again that neither argument is ever truly going to win because everything is typically a combination of nature and nurture. While some people may be born with a bad hand and a bad set of genetics, it is still very possible to overcome the odds and make a better life for themselves.

Your title caught my attention and made me laugh a little! I really liked all the support you had to back up your article, like the pictures and especially the statistics. I was shocked by at the fact that "200 million children under the age of five" are considered obese! That's crazy. We obviously all know obesity is one of America's largest problems, but I still think it has more to do with Nurture and habits that are really adding on the pounds. Maybe add your own opinion next time so we can see what your thoughts on the topic are.

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