When do we first "get familiar" with ourselves?!

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babys-face2.jpgHave you ever thought about when you really know or recognize yourself; know "how you look like"? Actually, I cannot remember the first time that I recognize myself in the mirror. However, I found out in the BBC fascinating that we human begin to recognize ourselves or have the self-awareness between 18 to 24 months. That's an interesting fact! This makes me recall the first time that I held my younger brother to look in the mirror when he was just 12 months old. He was kind of curious about the "image" in the mirror and tried to touch "him". He knew that there was "one person" there but did not know it was him. And now, I know why he could not recognize himself. In terms of this thing, I remember one thing with my roommate's dog. The dog is a jack-a-bee. My roommate put the dog in front of the mirror. The dog stood there looking into the mirror and could not recognize the image when she almost 2 years old. She saw herself in the mirror then looked elsewhere. And it seemed like she was not curious about the image in the mirror. So, apart from human, chimpanzee and gorilla can really recognize themselves in the mirror. Probably, we human and apes share similar genes. Here is a video from YouTube that can be a great example of self-awareness of the chimpanzee or gorilla. Enjoy!


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That was a really interesting video. I think its really funny to think about the concept of recognizing ourselves. When you think about it, it's actually kind of funny to know that we always didn't "know" who we are. Imagine if mirrors were never invented and mankind never looked into reflective objects. If that happened would we even be able to recognize our own face?

Great video and picture. Provided a visual stimulation and made it fun to read. I really liked the topic as well how you included your own life examples of where self-recognition has occurred.

Your post was very interesting. I definitely can't remember when I first could "recognize" myself. But now when I think about babies and what happens when you put them in front of mirrors I can see when the change really occurs. I really enjoyed your post!

This post was a super interesting read, I loved the video also! I have always assumed that young children could recognize themselves in a mirror but then learned from your entry that only half of all children at the age of two can recognize them!

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